We welcome you to the future. We wish we could present a more genteel place, but we cannot lie to you. The future is built on fire, smoke and ash.

We place you in Washington D.C., where the powerful rule over a world gone mad. We wish it were a more civilized location, but the future does not vary by so many degrees.

A prismatic collection of miscreants has been called together by Congressman Killtron. They wear their corruption like armor against all that is good and right in the world.

Who will dare shatter the oppression which is enforced by the unjust?
Who will stand against this corruption?
Who will teach those who believe themselves untouchable, that they can be brought low by a swift kick in the face as much as any other man?

We present to you Eli. Once a noble underground fighter, now an unscrupulous mercenary.

I would not suggest putting your hope in him, dear readers, but I am not the gambling type.

Perhaps you are more willing to throw your lot in with this man.

A man who yields to no one.

A man who would rather break than bend.

A man who would proudly proclaim… “I FIGHT EVERYTHING!”

Will you place your trust in such a man?